Creating New Value in CO2,
Innovating our Future with CO2.

New World from the Air


For a world where everyone can utilize CO2 as a valuable resource.

We aim to create a world in which the carbon dioxide that is ubiquitously present in the atmosphere has new value as a resource that can be used by anyone—company or individual—anywhere, any time.

Our Technology
Small modules outfitted with separation nanomembranes are used to carry out processes ranging from the capturing of CO2 to the production of carbon fuel in a continuous and integrated manner.

By using the innovative and proprietary separation nano-membrane technology (m-DACTM) with an overwhelmingly high CO₂ permeability, it is capable of capture CO₂ from the atmosphere through membrane separation, which was previously believed to be impossible. By connecting this membrane separation unit with an electrochemical / thermochemical CO₂ conversion unit, the entire process from atmospheric CO₂ recovery to carbon fuel production can be carried out continuously and consistently.


Promote plant growth with m-DACTM system

Maintaining the CO₂ concentration in a greenhouse at higher levels than usual promotes photosynthesis in plants, resulting in increased growth and yield.
By combining m-DACTM system with this farming method, CO₂ can be consumed locally without the need to transport it from another location or generate it with fossil fuel. This environmentally friendly approach can promote increased crop yield.


Aim to deploy home appliance equipped with m-DACTM technology to enable everyone to easily collect CO2 for the future.

Just as air purifiers are a common feature in many homes, this m-DAC device is very compact and looks at home in any room as a perfectly fine interior decorating element intended to be used in every home.
The converted CO₂ can be consumed in the home or sold to external parties.
* This is an illustration of what we aim to achieve through this project in the future.


Realize a futuristic bus that also captures carbon while transporting passengers

By installing m-DAC system at the top of the front of the bus, CO₂ in an urban environment can be efficiently captured while the bus is in motion.
By converting captured carbon into energy, the amount of gasoline used can be reduced.
* This is an illustration of what we aim to achieve through this project in the future.



Designing a world in which CO2 with new value is an integral part of our daily lives

Design a societal system in which not just companies but also individuals can help reduce CO₂ with a system of compact, distributed m-DAC units.
In contrast to current large-scale DAC systems installed in suburban areas, the DAC system developed by Carbon Xtract consists of compact, distributed units, which makes it the most accessible DAC system on the market in the sense that it can be operated as an integral part of our daily lives.




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Demonstration of a Plant Factory Operation using m-DAC® Technology to Capture CO₂ from the Air.


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Carbon Xtract and Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Conclude Joint Development Agreement for the Early Practical Implementation and Commercialization of a System for Membrane-based Direct Air Capture Technology


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Partnership Agreement Concluded for Early Practical Implementation of Separation Membrane-based DAC Devices for Greenhouse Horticulture


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With the aim of having m-DACTM quickly commercialized and implemented in society, we were founded primarily by Sojitz Corporation, Kyushu University, and materials venture enterprise NanoMembrane Technologies, Inc.
We will promote the following three points as the basis for creating a world in which individuals can also make an environmental contribution while anyone can capture CO₂ from the atmosphere and harness it as new value (resource):

  • Cultivate a membrane-based DAC market (create demand that can be satisfied with compact, distributed DAC units)
  • Cultivate a membrane-based DAC market (use unique technology to create new DAC devices)
  • Create an ecosystem with companies (promote development, manufacturing, and application cultivation work across a wide range of fields)
  • Company name
    Carbon Xtract Corporation
  • Representative
    Tetsuo Moriyama
  • Established
    May 26, 2023
  • Capital
    64 million JPY
  • Location
    La Colline, 5-5-112 Kyudai-Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Contents of business operations
    Development and selling of devices and products that utilize technology to selectively capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the use of separation nanomembranes.
  • Affiliated companies and organizations
    Sojitz Corporation, NanoMembrane Technologies, Inc., and Kyushu University


La Colline, 5-5-112 Kyudai-Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

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